Students Secured Admission in CS Branch in IIT Bombay on 68% marks, CS in IIT Delhi on 65%, & CS in IIT Bhilai on 31%

The country’s most prestigious entrance exam JEE-Advanced was conducted by IIT Bombay this year. According to the report released by IIT Bombay, after the declaration of results of the examination and conclusion of the counseling process, this year the cut-off percentage of the computer science (CS) branch in top IITs was the lowest as compared to the last several years.

Percentage on Which Students Got Admission to IIT

Shri Sandipani Academy’s career counseling expert Rahul Gujral told that the cut-off percentage of IIT Bombay’s computer science branch in the open category from gender-neutral pool quota is 68 percent, and cut off percentage of the CS branch in IIT Delhi was 65 percent, IIT Madras was 61 percent, IIT Kanpur was 60 percent, IIT Kharagpur was 58 percent, IIT Roorkee was 55 percent, Guwahati was 53 percent, Hyderabad was 51 percent, BHU was 48 percent and IIT Indore was 45 percent which is also included in top-10 IITs. Apart from this, a student with 31 percent marks in the open category from gender neutral pool quota got admission to the Computer Science branch at IIT Bhilai.

The cut-off marks for the EWS category for admission in CS in IIT Bombay’s gender-neutral pool quota was 65 percent, OBC was 53 percent, SC was 45 percent, and ST was 40 percent. While the cut-off for CS in IIT Delhi’s EWS category was 60 percent, OBC was 50 percent, SC and ST were 40 percent, while the cut-off for the EWS category in IIT Indore was 41 percent, OBC was 36 percent, SC category was 26 percent, and ST category was 21 percent. Got admission in the computer science branch in IIT Bhilai with a score of 29 percent in the EWS category, 26 percent in CS OBC, 14 percent in SC, and 13 percent in ST in the last IIT.

Girl Students also Got Admission to CS Branch on Low Percentage

This year IIT Bombay female pool quota in the CS branch open category is 58 percent, IIT Delhi is 54 percent, IIT Madras is 51 percent, IIT Kanpur is 50 percent, IIT Kharagpur is 48, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Hyderabad is 43 percent, IIT Guwahati is 41 percent, IIT BHU is 39 percent and IIT Indore is 38 percent. Also, the girl student who secured 27 percent marks also got admission to the CS branch in IIT Bhilai. In the EWS category, 22 percent marks in the female pool quota, 20 percent in OBC, 13 percent in SC, and 9 percent in SC got admission in the computer science branch in the last IIT Bhilai.

Reason for Low Cut-off

Rahul Sir told that JEE-Advanced 2022 exam was conducted for 360 marks and Paper-1 and Paper-2 were of 180-marks each. The admission to the students is based on the percentage of marks obtained out of these marks. This JEE-Advanced exam was of the toughest level as compared to previous years. In such a situation, students with low marks got CS branches in top IITs.

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